Bronze Arts Award Success for Year 6

Congratulations to fifty one of our Year 6 pupils for successfully completing their Bronze Arts Award. On Tuesday 18th July a moderator from Trinity College reviewed the portfolios for all of the pupils that had chosen to submit their work for assessment. The Moderator confirmed that all had achieved the standard for the Bronze Award. She praised the high quality of evidence presented by the school.

To achieve Bronze, a Level 1 national qualification, pupils present detailed evidence to show they have taken part in arts activities, experienced arts events, research their arts inspiration and shared their skills with others. Bronze is available to young people aged 11 to 25.

Year 6 planned their work and created their own online Arts Award portfolio folders. Over the year our pupils needed to demonstrate evidence of 40 hours of arts activities and study to be successful.

The qualification is awarded by Trinity College London, the leading international examinations board providing respected qualifications in the performing arts. The successful pupils are now invited to a special Arts Award Presentation Ceremony at 5.30pm on Thursday 21st September.