Governor Monitoring Visits and Training 2013-14

Welcome to the Governor Visits page.  Governors provide a crucial role supporting the school to achieve the very best  outcomes for all of your children. This page will provide a brief on-going account of some of our work.

July 2014: Donna Dolphin (Parent Governor) Camp Woodcroft Visit

I visited the school during the summer break and spent the day with at Camp Woodcroft, one of our extended services provisions, to see the sort of activities the children take part in. I noted that the staff involved were energetic and dedicated to ensure everyone was involved and had something to so. I had a great day playing games and sports, and on the bouncey castle! The children appeared to be really enjoying themselves. Well done to all of the fantastic staff.

24th June 2014: Liz Court (Chair), Craig Tallon (Headteacher) Safer Recruitment Training 
Mr Tallon and myself jointly attended in order to refresh our Safer Recruitment Training.

20th June 2014: Liz Court (Chair), Child Protection Audit
I reviewed and signed off the Annual Child Protection Audit. The Headteacher outlined a number of pending actions and these will be reviewed in full at the autumn term Premises and Safety Committee.

10th June 2014: Liz Court (Chair) Head’s Performance Management Interim Review
Today I visited the school to review progress towards the Headteacher’s performance targets.

2nd June 2014: Liz  Court (Chair of Governors)  Staff Training Day 

I attended the staff training day. The morning session was full of important  information and covered safeguarding, the new National Curriculum and school  improvement plans. A huge amount of work has been invested by the whole staff  to ensure the best all-round education is provided within a broad and balanced  curriculum. Staff then worked in team during the afternoon planning for the new  curriculum which will be introduced in September.

15th May 2014: Liz Court (Chair of Governors)  SEN and Pupil Premium Governor Monitoring
I met with Mrs Cullen, the Assistant Head with responsibility for  special educational needs, to discuss how SEN and Pupil Premium provision  is delivered in school. This followed two SEN training briefings that  I have recently received, one in school at the start of term and a second while  attending the spring term Director of Education meeting on 23rd April  2014.     Mrs Cullen gave a thorough  and comprehensive explanation of the work being done throughout the  school. I look forward to seeing more information published on the school  website and having an opportunity to observe interventions taking  place. Overall, I am confident that the school continues to meet the needs  of its pupils in this vital area.

29th April 2014: Liz Court (Chair of Governors) School visit to the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in  Neasden
I was invited to accompany Year 2 on their trip to this Hindu place of  worship. What an amazing, beautiful place. We were made to feel very welcome.  The pupils were a credit to Woodcroft as they watched a ceremony take  place and listened to explanations about the building.

22nd April 2014: Liz Court (Chair of Governors) School Based Training: School Development Planning Consultation and  Curriculum Briefings
I attended an  interesting school based training day at which the whole staff attended a  variety of workshops and briefings. I took part in a development plan  consultation with teaching assistants that enabled staff to review priorities  from the previous year. From a governance perspective it is good to note  everyone in the school has a valued input.       I also took part in important briefings on new 2014  National Curriculum and changes to SEN practice and the school’s vision  for the development of the computing curriculum.

21st and 27th March: Liz Court (Chair of Governors) Royal Albert Hall Spectacular and The School Spring Concert
I have been privileged to attend two recent events  with Woodcroft that demonstrate a commitment to enriching  pupils experience through the arts. On Friday 21st March I went along  with Y4 to the Classical Spectacular at The Royal Albert Hall;  a performance that thrilled everyone who went along. I then came  to Woodcroft’s own instrumental concert on Thursday 27th March,  courtesy of the woodwind and string musicians. The school’s violin,  cello, flute and clarinet players put on a wonderful show for the pupils  and their families. It is fantastic to see such a rich variety of  activities taking place at Woodcroft. Well done to Miss Sherring and the  whole school staff.

12th March 2014: Liz Court & Donna Dolphin Voice in a Million at Wembley Arena         We were privileged to be invited to attend this spectacular show  held at the Wembley Arena. The Year 5 Choir had a great time and sang the songs  with amazing energy and enthusiasm. Well done to Mrs Sherring and the  Year 5 teachers, Ms Vanner and Mr Scudetto, for organising this event for  our pupils.

10th March 2014: Liz Court (Chair Of Governors) Barnet Dance Festival at the Arts Depot Finchley
There were good performances from all the schools that took part  and they all deserved congratulations for their dedication and hard work.  Yet again I felt Woodcroft stood out for their talent, costumes, dance and  music. They certainly showed the Alice In Wonderland story in an entirely  different and unforgettable way.

27th February 2014Donna Dolphin (Parent Governor) Music and Enrichment
I attended a KS2 Achievement Assembly that was led by the  school’s Drama Club. The club, run by Miss Burnett, performed their own  version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This was another example of the  fantastic dance and drama opportunities offered at Woodcroft. The  enrichment of pupils experience at the school makes me proud to be  a part of it.

24th to 26th FebruaryDonna Dolphin (Parent  Governor) Music and Enrichment
In my role as Governor for Music and Enrichment I  have spent the week helping out with the school’s preparations for Rock  Challenge. 2014. I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of the Governors  to all of the pupils and staff involved. What a fantastic group of children  they are! The whole of this experience leading up to the competition in  Stevenage on Wednesday night made me so proud. The pupils were  fantastically well behaved, looked great in their costumes  and performed wonderfully. I am looking forward to the Finals in June!

24th February 2014: Father Hugh Moore (Community Governor) Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC) Monitoring Visit
I visited school today to look see first-hand some if the  work that Woodcroft does to promote Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural  Education. I attended an assembly lead by the Headteacher based around the  theme of ‘Be The Best You Can Be’, a  current whole school project to raise aspirations. In the assembly children  spoke about important role models such as sports stars, and how they could achieve  their dreams. The school had been visited by Ian Rose, an inspirational Paralympics  judo champion. I then looked at examples of work on display around the school;  picture galleries, paintings, school council boards, foreign language and  international link celebrations. The school very visibly promotes many aspects  of SMSC. I then met with Mrs Valoti (Assistant Head with  responsibility for SMSC & RE). We discussed how the school has incorporated  the Borough Agreed Scheme of Work for RE into their curriculum. Then a  brainstorm of SMSC across the curriculum demonstrated how it is integrated into  drama, music, multi-cultural events, languages, RE and PSHCE.

24th February 2014: Liz Court & Elaine Hurley Governor Development – Pupil Premium Training
John Paxton, Local Authority Advisor, presented Governors  with an overview for effective use of the Pupil Premium. This is Government  Funding designated for schools to use to support vulnerable pupils and ensure  they achieve as much progress as possible. The training helped Governors  clarify how to monitor if the school is using the money to achieve maximum  impact on pupil achievement. A great deal of work has already been done at  Woodcroft to ensure these aims are met. An overview of Woodcroft’s Pupil  Premium budget can be found on the ‘Information Page’.

13th February 2014: Liz Court Year 4 School Visit to the Verulamium in St Albans
I was pleased to help with a trip organised for Year 4  pupils, and what a lovely day I had. Despite all of the rain and flooding recently,  we were treated to a beautiful sunny day! Miss Cox and Miss Blyth had organised  an informative and fun fill trip visit to support their history studies about  the Romans. The pupils were a pleasure to work with and were polite and well  behaved at all times.

10th February 2014: Elaine Hurley & Liz Court Safeguarding & Child Protection Training
Two Governors attended training at the North London Business  Park. The course, part of a package available to all governors, provided  them with an overview of legislation, guidance and procedure. Governors provide  a vital role in helping to ensure the health and welfare of the whole  school community.

10th February 2014: Donna Dolphin (Parent Governor) Be The Best You can Be Project
I enjoyed coming into school today learn about how  the school is helping the children be the best they can be! I watched an  assembly that celebrated the children’s achievements and told the  children about aspects of the project like the new aquarium. I also  spent some time with the Rock Challenge Club as they prepare for their  competition.

3rd February 2014: Liz Court (Chair of Governors) School Staff Training Session         Today I attended a school INSET session that gave staff  ‘hands on’ experience of a new maths resource that is being introduced in the  school called Numicon. The session was lead by a Maths consultant and showed  how it could be used throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6.         This session was an example of the high quality of staff  development that takes place at Woodcroft every week.

3rd February 2014: Additional Governors Meeting Governor Audit and Action Planning
Governors organised an additional meeting today to review  their responsibilities and agree their Governance action plan for the  forthcoming year. Governors play a vital strategic role in supporting and  challenging the school to be the best it can be. Following this meeting  Governors are now clearer about their monitoring duties.

28th January 2014: Richard Burrows (Chair of Finance) Governor Development: School Budget Training
I attended an extremely worthwhile and informative training  session run by Nick Adams, Schools Finance Manager the Local Authority. The  session provided me with an update on governor responsibilities over the budget  and financial procedures in school.

28th January 2014: Liz Court (Chair of  Governors) ‘Be The Best That You Can Be!’ Launch:
I was privileged to attend the launch of the ‘Be The Best’ project in school. Ian Rose, a Paralympic and World Judo Champion, took an  assembly and told us all about his life, the challenges he faced and the  inspiration he received. Although partially sighted in one eye, and totally  blind in his other, Ian was encouraged to take up judo when he was only seven  years old. He enjoyed it, trained hard, and never gave up. He was full of fun  and a truly inspiring speaker. All of the children from Foundation Stage to  Year 6 responded warmly to him.


After assembly we visited each class for a photograph and for him to  answer questions about his life and achievements. Two lucky children were  thrilled to wear his Olympic medals. I feel sure that the whole school will remember his visit for a long  time and, hopefully, be encouraged to keep trying and to do their best even  when things seem hard. I think it is fantastic that the school are running exciting and  innovative programmes for the pupils of Woodcroft. We even had reporters from  Barnet Press and Hendon Times in school to find out about our fantastic work.

6th January 2014: Liz Court (Chair Of Governors)
Teacher Training Day: I attended a teacher INSET day which  was about a new school project called ‘Be The Best You Can Be‘. This was set up  as part of the 21st Century Legacy following the London 2012 Olympics. The aim  of the programme is to encourage children to have the confidence to be the best  they can be and how every adult involved with them can help them to achieve  their goals. The sessions, lead by a professional sports psychologist who works  with international athletes, was very informative and thought provoking. I will  follow the development of this programme at Woodcroft with great interest.

12th December 2013 – Donna Dolphin (Parent   Governor) Christmas Lunch:
I helped out with Christmas lunch   today and was kept busy throughout the service. The children had a lovely time   with good food, Christmas music and crackers for all! Well done to the Kitchen   staff and Meal Time Supervisors for ensuring this busy lunchtime ran so   smoothly. I was also good to see so many staff enjoying lunch with the children   and making it a special mealtime.

11th December 2013 – Liz Court (Chair of   Governors)
Christmas Performances:
I have seen all of the   shows this year; Foundation Stage, Year 1 and  Year 2 – what a   treat! All of the children performed beautifully, their costumes were delightful   and the singing amazing! Many thanks, and congratulations, to all of the staff   and helpers who make these shows so memorable.

30th  November – Liz Court (Chair of Governors)
I visited the school today with a friend on a visit from  Nigeria. She was delighted with all that she saw in the school. I stayed after  lunch to help with the Christmas Table Top Sale. It was lovely to see all of  the parents and Friends of Woodcroft supporting the school and making the event  so successful. Well done to everyone involved. I am now looking forward to watching all of the Christmas  performances that are coming up soon.

25th  November – Liz Court (Chair of Governors)
Father Moore (SMSC Governor) and I had a meeting with Mr Tallon  along with an external consultant called Ken Warburton. Ken is an experienced education  advisor and Ofsted Inspector. We were meeting to carry out Mr Tallon’s annual  performance review.         I am pleased to report that the school’s targets have been  met and we look forward to another successful and exciting year ahead.

21st November 2013 – Donna Dolphin (Parent   Governor) Little Oaks:
Today I took the opportunity to spend   some of the morning in Little Oaks, Woodcroft’s Parent and Toddler Group.   This was very well organised by Miss Finnegan and felt very safe and fun for   younger children of all ages.

KS 1 Music Festival: For the   rest of the morning I attended the KS1 Barnet Music Festival that was   being hosted by Woodcroft and involved our Y2 classes along with   children from 5 other schools. The event was fabulous, and reduced me to tears   at one point seeing the enjoyment on the children’s faces as they sang their   hearts out. Well done to all of the staff for preparing the children so   well.

13th November 2013 – Donna Dolphin (Parent   Governor) Year 3 Egyptian Day:
I enjoyed coming into school   today for the Year 3 Egyptian Day. The children were really enjoying the   experience, and I must say that I also learned a lot as well. It was great to   see the children dressing up and getting involved in the practical activities. I   even got my own hands dirty!