Pupil Premium 2019-2020

Pupil Premium (not Special Educational Needs)

Woodcroft receives additional money to support the needs of its pupils. A major element of this funding is comprised of the Pupil Premium to raise standards of those eligible for free school meals.

The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated to schools in April at the start of the Financial Year. However, expenditure is monitored in line with the Academic Year.

The 2019-20 allocation combines elements of two grant periods:

  1. The grant available from September 2019 to March 2020 of £120,691
  2. The grant available from April 2020 to August 2020 is yet to be announced. £113,793

All expenditure is monitored and approved by the school’s Governing Body. This ensures that it is used to the benefit of the whole school and effectively targets those in need.

Outline Pupil Premium Objectives 2019-20

Support Strategies Objective / Purpose Costs (£)
Targeting Interventions A range of targeted interventions to support a range of need
Learning Mentor (Full Time) Learning Mentor to support improved behaviour and attendance to support learning. Percentage salary to support Pupil Premium.
Year 6 Booster Classes To provide differentiated class teaching
1:1 Tuition KS2 To provide 1:1 tuition to pupils identified as under achieving
Extended Services – Breakfast To provide free breakfast provision
School Journey Subsidy
Educational Visits (coaches and entrance) To provide subsidies to enable school trip to be financially viable
Additional Nursery Nurse For Early Years Interventions To provide early intervention in order to develop speaking and listening
Counselling To provide counselling to pupils in needs
Beanstalk Reading Support To provide 5 volunteer reader to support 15 pupils for 40mins / week reading
Motor Coordination A range of support interventions to develop pupil’s fine and gross motor coordination
Family Learning & Support Family Support Coordinator
 Total Costs
Total Grant  £234,484