Year 1 Home Learning Curriculum

Year 1 – Home Learning Support for Week Beginning 21/9/20

Year 1 staff have provided a list of activities and links to support your child learning at home during this temporary closure. These activities match the areas of the curriculum being taught this week in school. You do not have to do everything.  Our advice is to complete one English activity and one Maths activity every day. You can then chose a third activity from either science, geography or art.  In addition. the handwriting, phonics and PE activities can be attempted at any time.

Work completed can be collected together and brought into show the class teacher after we fully reopen.


  1. Giving instructions

Watch this film about making a sandwich 

Notice how he starts most sentences with a bossy verb like ‘get’,  ‘ put’,   ‘spread’. 

Choose what you want to give instructions for, it could be many things!   Brushing your teeth, baking a cake,  playing a game like It or Hopscotch,   getting dressed… the list is endless.

The only important bit to remember is that every sentence begins with a ‘bossy’ verb.  For example:  Put the butter on the bread.   Spread it all over the slice right up to the edges.   Choose your favourite filling and spread it on top of the butter.  Press both slices together and cut the sandwich in half.

It could be for:  brushing your teeth;  playing a game like hopscotch or ‘It’ or perhaps everyone’s favourite, making a sandwich.

  1. What I Like!

Read along with this poem and make your own!   What are your favourite foods?  You can write it or say it.

  1. Learn the days of the week


Counting films

  1. Counting with Rodd 1 and 2.  Learn all about different numbers 
  2. Activity:  Choose a number between 1 and 10 and tell us all about it.  
  3. White Rose Year 1 home learning films  
  4. BBC Numberblocks – Just add 1 

Counting Games

  1. Counting to 10 or 20 
  3. Ordering: 
  4. 1 more, 1 less 
  5. Number words 


  • Find out more about the United Kingdom with Freya as she travels around. 
    • Complete the activities that accompany the films.
  • In our Local Area Study we are looking at the natural and man-made features of our surroundings.   Look out of your window and see there are buildings and trees:  buildings made by people (human features)  and trees, grass and plants (natural or physical features).    Talk to a grown-up about what you see and how you think it came to be there.  This film will help understand the differences: 

Science – The Human Body 

  1. What are the parts of the human body?     ttps:// Complete the quiz after watching the film
  2. What are the senses?   Do the activity matching the part of the body to the sense.



  • – Handwriting – letter formation 


  • – learning and games phase 2 phonics
  • – game fishy phonics
  • – game phase 2 
  • – phase 2 phonics sounds