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Excellent School Test Results 2015

We would like to congratulate all pupils for working hard and achieving their targets. Across the school we have seen a significant improvement in the results from nationals tests when compared to last year. A full report and analysis will be posted on this website in due course but key headlines include:

(% increase is compared to 2014)

Foundation Stage
Reception classes achieved a 6% improvement when compared to 2014 in the Early Years Profile Results for pupils showing a good level of development (GLD) across all key areas.

Year 1 Phonics
Year 1 achieved a 20% increase when compared to 2014 in the national phonics tests, attaining a 71% pass rate.

Year 2 SATS
Maths: 92% L2 or better (8% increase)

Reading: 95% L2 or better (10% increase)

Writing: 90% L2 or better (8% increase)

Year 6 SATs
Maths: 86% L4 or better (21% increase)

Reading: 83% L4 or better (4% increase)

Writing: 88% L4 or better (17% increase)

Grammar & Spelling: 83% L4 or better

*These results are unvalidated and may increase following checking procedures

KS2 Summary Report 2014

We are pleased to report that our Y6 pupils made good progress.

Progress KS1 to KS2

91% achieved 2 levels of progress in reading
91% achieved 2 levels of progress in maths
98% achieved 2 levels of progress in writing

Test Scores

Reading Attainment L4+ 79%

Maths Attainment L4+ 65%

Teacher Assessment

Reading Attainment L4+ 79%

Writing Attainment L4+ 71%

Maths Attainment L4+ 73%

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