An ‘Enriched & Extended’ School Experience at Woodcroft!

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AIM@Woodcroft PSHE Programme Outline

Because Aspiration & Inspiration Matters at Woodcroft

At Woodcroft, our AIM@ programmes are designed to raise aspirations and inspire dreams. They encompass everything we do to enrich and extend the school experience ‘over and above’ the national curriculum and are underpinned by consistent values.

To AIM@ is to be inspired to have a dream…An ambition, an objective, a target  – THE WHAT?

To AIM@ is have in mind a purpose…To reason, to reflect, to plan – THE WHY?

To AIM@ is to strive toward a goal…To pursue, to participate, to contribute – THE HOW?

To AIM@ is to take part with others…In partnerships, collaborations and friendships – THE WHO?

To AIM@ is developing the skills needed to take first steps together towards success at Woodcroft…THE WHEN?

Our AIM@ Mission Statement

To provide opportunities that enrich and extend the core curriculum.
To include everyone
To offer the broadest range of extra-curricula clubs
To host fantastic facilities
To be proud of our achievements
To always try to do things better

Our Programme

Download a copy of our PSHE programme outline: AIM@Woodcroft PSHE Programme Outline

Our Values


Our Sponsors

Our AIM@Woodcroft programmes are proudly sponsored by:

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