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Welcome to Woodcroft’s Design and Technology Curriculum page, we hope that you find some useful information about the changes made recently to  the National D&T Curriculum and what to expect from D&T being taught at Woodcroft.

Visit the the Design and Technology National Curriculum page for more information.

Major changes to the D&T Curriculum

These include:

1.   More emphasis on creating ‘innovative’ products in KS2

2.  Two strands: Designing and Making + Cooking and Nutrition

3.  Teaching the importance of making on-going changes and improvements during making stages

4.  Looking into seasonality of ingredients and how they are grown, caught or reared

5.  The introduction of computing and coding of products in KS2

6.  Researching key events and individuals in KS2

To ensure pupil develop the required skills to meet the criteria set out in the National Curriculum there a clear plan in place at Woodcroft.

Click here to view the DT Skills Curriculum Map

The skills are developed through a cross curricular topic based approach.

Click here to view the DT Topics Overview

What does DT look like in action – take a look at our DT Scrapbook. More photos will be added as projects are completed.

DT Scrapbook


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