Turn 2 Us

Turn2us is a registered charity that helps people living in poverty in the UK. Turn2us provides information and support about welfare benefits and charitable grants through an accessible website and a freephone helpline.

Website :

Helpline : 0808 802 2000, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm Mondays-Fridays.


Martin Lewis – Money Saving Expert

Free weekly money saving tips email.

Information about “how to save money” Advice on all financial matters. Latest information on the energy crisis.

Website :


Contact your Bank!

Some banks have introduced a Cost of Living Adviser.  If you are starting to have difficulties, contact them and advise them of your situation.


Step Change

Step Change is a Debt Charity, formerly the Consumer Credit Counselling Service and is the trading name of the Foundation for Credit Counselling, operating across the United Kingdom.

Contact this leading debt charity to get expert debt advice and fee-free debt management to help you tackle your debts.

Website :


Talk to your Energy Supplier

If you feel you are falling into debt with your energy supplier, contact them immediately to discuss payment plans and ways to save on your energy bills.


National Energy Action

A national charity helping to make sure everyone can afford to stay warm, safe and dry in their homes. Free advice service to help households on managing energy bills, energy efficiency an income maximisation.

Tel : 0800 304 7159

Email :

Website :


TV and Social Media

Look out for consumer programmes like “This Morning”, you can download their app.  Look on social media for useful tips and advice.  There is a lot of information out there offering help, you just have to look!


Make Savings where you can

Make changes as a family, at home.  Have a discussion about how it is “all your responsibility” to save money.

Ensure lights are turned off when someone is not in the room.

Ensure all electricals with a “stand by” facility are turned off when not in use.

Only use the washing machine for a full load

Limit the use of the tumble dryer. Try and dry washing outside, to avoid condensation.

Only fill your kettle with water that is needed.

Spend less time in the shower

Check the timings of your hot water/heating, can you afford to cut them by an hour?

Try not to put your heating on for the Autumn until the last possible date.  See what date you can last until! (A comfortable room temperature is between 18-21 degrees centigrade). 63% of home energy use is via home heating. Consider a SMART metre.

Restrict the use of the oven, by not leaving it on too long.  Don’t use it to heat just one thing! Try more batch cooking. Consider an Air Fryer.

Look at supermarket own brands as cheaper alternatives.

Looking for ideas of how to insulate your home better –



Be careful if “googling” sites, there are some advertisers out there offering services and there may be a cost attached.  Charities are a good place to start.

This information is given as guidance only.  Parents/Carers should make their own enquiries and should make decisions based on their own enquiries.

Jill Smith