Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

“Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential.” (Statutory Framework for the EYFS)

EYFS Rationale

At Woodcroft we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework encompassed by the 7 Areas of Learning. Our curriculum provides a supporting, safe and stimulating environment to develop the unique child: a key principle of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

Children are able to develop their independence and confidence in an environment where they are cared for and valued. Clear rules and expectations encourage children to achieve their full potential.

At Woodcroft our aim is to:

  • Ensure the three prime areas of EYFS, (Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Physical Development. Communication and Language.) are a focus in the Nursery as they are fundamental in ensuring children develop the skills needed when they later start Reception.
  • Ensure that through our curriculum there is a balance of child-initiated and adult directed learning opportunities.
  • Ensure the learning environment supports the needs of individual pupils and gives our children the opportunity to work both collaboratively with others and independently to foster their independence.
  • Focus on communication and language and provide opportunities for children to develop their listening and speaking skills and learn new vocabulary.
  • To ensure children are prepared in Nursery for Reception and then into Year One.
  • To ensure children develop a love for reading.

Curriculum Scope and Breadth

There are 7 Areas of Learning and development that shape our curriculum. Please click the links below to explore each of the seven areas:

Communication and Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

We believe that by having the characteristics of effective learning at the forefront of everything that we do will ensure that children will thrive at Woodcroft.


The statutory Reception Baseline assessment is conducted within the first six weeks of a child starting school. Within this timeframe teachers also conduct their own baseline assessments using Tapestry.

Observations of children highlighting key moments in their learning is recorded using Tapestry and shared with parents. A selection of writing, maths and art work is also kept in books and folders to show the progress made in these areas.


Interventions are targeted support for selected children to support a range of areas of development and learning. 

The interventions are led by trained members of staff to support specific skills. 

Interventions available in EYFS are: 

  • Talk Boost – to support communication and language 
  • Lego Therapy – to develop social communication skills and turn taking
  • Phonics Support – to reinforce the phonics taught as a whole class
  • Bucket time –  to build children’s attention, listening, eye contact and being able to sit for a short period of time.

Parent/carer partnership

Workshops in reading, writing and maths are run for parents/carers throughout the year, this is to help support children at home by mirroring the learning that is taking place at school. 

Parents/carers are informed what learning is taking place during the day via a memo sent out on Tapestry as well as individual observations of their child. Homework is sent bi-weekly and home link books are sent home weekly with two books to be shared and read with a parent/carer. They have access to our Treehouse VLE with a range of apps to help further support learning at home. 

In Reception a consultation evening takes place during the autumn term which is then followed by a parent meeting in the spring term. In nursery parents/carers are invited to meet with their child’s key worker when their child has had their focus week.


Our virtual learning environment, The Treehouse, contains selected resources to support the Early Years curriculum. Theses include app and links for:

  • Maths games
  • Phonics games
  • Literacy games
  • Stories
  • Songs
  • SEND


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