Curriculum Policies

Curriculum Policies at Woodcroft

The National Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens.

All state schools like Woodcroft must offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based. It should promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils and prepare them for later life.

All state schools are also required to make provision for a daily act of collective worship and must teach religious education.

All schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE).

Schools are also free to include other subjects or topics of their choice.

The key policies for all of the curriculum subjects and aspects at Woodcroft are outlined below. These policies should be read in conjunction with the National Curriculum (September 2013) and the curriculum information pages on this website.

Early Years Foundation Stage


National Curriculum Subjects

Core subjects




Foundation subjects

Art and design


Design and technology




Physical Education

Foreign Language – Spanish (KS2 only)

Statutory Subjects

Religious Education

Supplementary Policies

SMSC Policy


The Arts

Assessment Policy