Governor Visits, Monitoring and Training 2015

3rd July 2015: Mervat Khalil – Safeguarding & Child Protection Training
I attended training for school staff about designated safeguarding responsibilities. The course covered the role of professionals, how to deal with concerns and inter-agency working.

22nd June 2015: Liz Court & Donna Dolphin – Barnet Music Festival
Once again – an amazing evening performance by Barnet’s talented and enthusiastic choirs. Of course, Woodcroft were outstanding! Many congratulations to all of the staff and children for their dedication and hard work.

22nd June 2015: Liz Court & Donna Dolphin – Paradise Wildlife Park
What a beautiful place! I was asked to accompany Y4 on their trip. Although many animals were having a nap, the children of Woodcroft gained a lot from the day. As usual, the pupils were a credit to the school.

23rd June 2015: Liz Court – Maths Observations
Today I continued to observe maths lessons first hand. I observed in Year 3 and Year 5. I was pleased to see collaborative problem solving approaches being deployed to engage the children in measurement activities. The children showed excellent concentration and could confidently describe their work.

17th June 2015: Donna Dolphin – J Rock Finals (Portsmouth)
I had an enjoyable evening attending the J Rock Finals and was privileged to be present when Woodcroft won an award in the film category.

16th June 2015: Liz Court – Maths Observations
Following a meeting on 28th April to discuss the Maths curriculum with Ms Vanner, today I observed lessons in KS1. A range of resources were being used to support the children’s understanding of mathematical concepts. I was pleased to see children being challenged to explore numbers in to the hundreds! The pupils were also collaboratively problem solving and recording outcomes in their new ‘Transition Books’.  These exercise books span the end of one year and the start of the next. The children were keen to explain their work an could do so confidently.

9th June 2015: Liz Court – Unicorn Theatre Workshop
I was interested to observe the work being undertaken by the school  as part of their collaboration with the Unicorn Theatre. Full use was being made of our ‘Tardis’ immersive suite to explore the theme of ‘The Seasons’ through music and mime. The school is supporting The Unicorn develop materials for its forthcoming play – The Snow Child.

12th May 2015: Mervat Kahlil – Safeguarding and Child Protection
I attended training at the North London Business Park relating to child protection. It provided me with an update on the current legislation, Ofsted’s framework and the role of governors in help to maintain a safe school environment. I will now look more closely at e-safety in school and attend further training.

28th April 2015: Liz Court – Chair of Governors – Maths Progress Meeting
I met with Ms Vanner (Assistant Head) to review Maths attainment at Woodcroft. We reviewed the schedule of monitoring and assessment that is linked to pupil improvement. I also looked the interventions that are put in place for those pupils who fall behind their targets. There is a particular focus on ‘using and applying maths’. Pupils are also encouraged to self correct and respond to marking feedback. This continual assessment ensures that children make good progress.

23rd April 2015: Liz Court – Chair of Governors – ‘Play On’ Concert at the Royal Albert Hall
What a spectacular event and achievement for all of the choirs and musicians involved in Barnet Education Arts Trust’s (BEAT) concert at The Royal Albert Hall. Woodcroft choir sang with their usual confidence and to the highest standard. Congratulations to Miss Sherring for her conducting debut at this prestigious venue. There was warm applause when Woodcroft, Miss Sherring and Gary were commended for our recent Music Award.

26th March 2015: Liz Court – Chair of Governors – Spring Concerts and Easter Parade
Many congratulations to the young musicians and their teachers for an amazing spring concert. the herd work and dedication was evident by all the pupils and staff involved.

The day began with a fabulous Easter bonnet parade in KS1 and Foundation. We were also visited by a special guest, Mrs. Joyce Lingwood, who was a teacher at the school many, many years ago! She was amazed at the new technology being used in school today.

25th March 2015: Philomena Moore – Netball Sports Clubs
I had an opportunity to watch the Woodcroft Netball Team play a match against Frith Manor. The children were absolutely dedicated and showed great sportsmanship. Well done to the staff who have given their time to enrich the children’s experiences at school.

23rd March 2015: Liz Court – Chair of Governors – Royal Albert Hall
I was invited to accompany the children to the Classical Spectacular Concert. This event is just one small part of the wide range of music enrichment events organised by Miss Sherring. The recent award for Best School Music Department is especially well deserved by the school and I would like to congratulate everyone in the music team.

17th March 2015: Liz Court – Chair of Governors – English Progress and Achievement 
At a meeting with Sue Lloyd (Assistant Head with responsibility for English) we reviewed the strategies that had been put in place by the school to support those pupils that were failing to meet their targets. I observed writing checklists and pupils responses to teacher marking using purple pens. This gives them ownership of their own work. I observed real impact, especially challenging the more able in KS1.

17th March 2015: Liz Court – Chair of Governors – The WOW Factor
I was absolutely ‘wowed’ the the WOW Factor Finals evening. The children were amazingly well rehearsed and highly entertaining. Congratulations to all of the children that took part. I must also thank the teachers for their time and effort supporting the pupils.

12th March 2015: Liz Court – Chair of Governors -Year 5 Family Assembly
Well done Year 5 – I thoroughly enjoyed your Viking assembly. Well doe to all concerned!

11th March 2015: Liz Court – Chair of Governors – Dance Festival
The school invited me along to the Barnet Dance Festival at the Arts Depot. The standard of performances get better every year. It reflects the wonderful opportunities offered to Barnet pupils, performing at a professional venue. It is also a huge credit to the dedication and hard work of school staff. Woodcroft’s performance stood out on the night. Congratulations to everyone involved.

5th March 2015: Kazeem Aremu – Premises and Science Governor – School Visit
Today I visited the school to observe lessons in Foundation Stage and KS2. I was interested to watch the teaching of phonics using physical actions while in Reception. In Year 3 I observed a practical science lesson. The class was taking part in a project to hatch real live chicks. Today they were discussing how the chicks had changed as part of their topic on life cycles. On my next visit I hope to meet with the Science Subject Leader to review the curriculum and look at the standard of children’s work across the school.

10th February 2015: Philomena Moore – EYFS Governor – Standards Visit
Today I reviewed the EYFS data for the 2014 entry cohort into Reception. I was particularly interested in the progress that pupils had made since September. Mr Russell and Mrs Powell presented a report that demonstrated good general progress. I have challenged the school to improve the attainment of pupils with identified SEN and will review their progress in the Spring Term. A full report of visit will be provided to the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

6th February 2015: Donna Dolphin – Enrichment Governor – Music & Arts Visit
Today I had the privilege of joining the school for the visit of EPOC (English Pocket Opera Company). I then observed the choir rehearsing for their Royal Albert Hall event in April. It is great to see the wide range of visitors that are welcomed to Woodcroft and how many opportunities that pupils are given to watch and join in with music and the Arts.

5th February 2015: Donna Dolphin – Enrichment Governor – J Rock Dance Visit
I attended a session with our J Rock Dance Club lead by the school’s choreographer Serena Williams. The group are preparing for a show at The Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage later this month. The pupils and staff have been working very hard, and  always make Woodcroft proud – good luck with Rock Challenge 2015!

28th January 2015: Mervat Khalil – SEN Governor – Code of Practice Training
I attended The Orion School for a Local Authority presentation about the new SEN Code of practice. It was useful to discuss how schools can accommodate pupils with special needs and the support other agencies can provide.

27th January 2015: Standards Committee – Monitoring and Challenge
The Curriculum and Standards Committee met today to review progress towards pupil performance targets set by the Committee at last terms meeting. These  targets included accelerated progress expectations for each cohort. Where results were not on track to meet end of year targets the Governors challenged the Senior Leadership Team to demonstrate how any shortfall was to be made up. The Committee was satisfied with the school’s capacity to attain the current targets that have been set.