‘Nick Of Time’ Leavers Show – July 2015

Leavers Show report by Summit (Y6)

On the 15th of July, Y6 put on a very special show to the whole school-Nick of Time. It was about a boy called Nick who went in a time machine and kept going  further back in time. We had to rehearsal before the show just to get familiar with the stage. Everyone learned all the songs and all their lines in no time at all (I think Mr Guest would agree).It’s been a great privilege to perform our last and final play to all the teachers and students of Woodcroft Primary school. We give many, many thanks to the teachers that helped us with the play over the last 4 WEEKS! Our teachers include: Mr Guest, Ms Burnett, Ms Gignac, Ms Mehdji, Ms Lisa, Ms Ditchman and many more. We would also like to say a special thanks to all the staff and Friends of Woodcroft who fed us on the night of the play. Click on the photos below to view a slideshow of our fantastic play!