Update #3: Year 1 Fully Open from Wednesday

4.00pm Tuesday 11nd September

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 1

Year 1 will reopen fully on Wednesday 23rd September

Thank you for your support and understanding over the past two days. 

Let me restate that there have been NO confirmed cases of COVID19 in Year 1. If this situation changes we shall inform you immediately.

Mrs Patel and Miss Stewart are will be teaching their normal classes from Wednesday.

For children who remain at home this week, the Year 1 teachers have prepared a series of activities and links that can be accessed at home. These match the areas of learning that are being covered in school. You will find the activity page here:


Could we remind all parent of the importance to notify the school if your child is displaying any COVID19 symptoms. This will help with our ongoing risk assessment.

Thank you for your messages of support for our precautionary measures. 

Yours sincerely

Craig Tallon