Aim@Digital Mission

At Woodcroft, we aim to provide every possible opportunity for our pupils to excel in the use of technology. We recognise that technology allows us to achieve success in a multitude of different ways, and if we empower our pupils with the skills and understanding to harness the power of technology they will be more ready to live in an increasingly digital world. It is our aim to develop the digital wisdom of pupils at Woodcroft.

NAACE Digital Wisdom


We believe that every pupil, regardless of learning need, should have equal access to the entire curriculum.  To facilitate this we use technology to ensure that every style of learning is catered for – we like our pupils to fully engage in their learning.  This is done with the assistance of:

The TARDIS: Pupils can take a trip through time and space to get even closer to the curriculum and experience a wide-range of environments right in the school!


Learnpads: Teaching assistants are able to bring digital resources right to our learners fingertips through the use of ‘Learnpads’.  Children are given a more tactile learning experience through the use of digital tablet devices in the classroom. We can target resources at the individual; assisting the learning of English for EAL pupils, or supporting SEN pupils to achieve their learning goals.


Tailored resources: Carefully selected online resources provide individualised learning for our pupils.  Whether using Mathletics and Kahn Academy to support learning both in the classroom and beyond, or using Education City to set tasks for children to complete for homework, while enriching the classroom experience we try our best to ensure that learners are suitably challenged at all times.

Clubs & Extra Activities

Robo Club: Woodcroft’s after-school computer programming and robotics club provides opportunities for digitally gifted and talented pupils to try a broad range of software.  Club members get the chance to try coding for themselves: building and programming robots with Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorms EV3 and creating apps to play on their tablet computers at home.Luka Robot

Treehouse Keepers: Our VLE (or ‘Treehouse’) is created and managed by our team of Treehouse Keepers.  As a Treehouse Keeper, pupils become teachers, creating digital content to keep Woodcroft’s digital community buzzing with activity!


Mathletics/Internet Access Club: During lunchtimes, children without internet access at home are given the opportunity to extend their mathematical ability, or to become online content creators themselves when they would not otherwise have access to IT resources.

Facilities & Resources

Interactive Whiteboards: Bringing learning to life and improving pupil engagement with the curriculum.


TARDIS – 4D Creative: An opportunity for pupils to gain an immersive experience anytime, anywhere!

Treehouse / Google Apps for Education: Provided by Google, all Woodcroft pupils have access to a full range of office applications to assist our learners in achieving their best (and to give them the opportunity to show it proudly online).  The ‘walled-garden’ system allows our pupils to use modern, industry-leading digital tools, whilst keeping them safe from the internet of the outside world.

Learnpads: Teaching assistants are able to bring digital resources right to our learners fingertips through the use of dedicated Andriod tablets that operate within a specialist educational environment.

Staffpads: Our class teachers are fully connected to Google Apps for Education with their Staffpads.  They allow photos taken in class to be safely shared with the rest of the school community within seconds of being captured.  The opportunities for immediate feedback to inform our pupils’ learning are exceptional.

Computing Suite: Our Computing Suite is always ready to go with the capable assistance of our Network Manager, Mr Pindoriya.  Our computers have been recently updated and provide the ultimate opportunity for our pupils to develop their digital wisdom with one computer per child.

Laptops/Chromebooks: Opportunities for learning are increased by our extensive fleet of laptops and chromebooks; bringing our Computing Suite into the classroom.


We are currently working towards gaining the NAACE ICT Mark, with our ultimate goal being their ‘3rd Millenium’ Award for computing excellence.

Development Plans

In order to ensure the best possible opportunities for learning in Computing and across the curriculum, our current plans for development focus on getting the best out of our recent technological investments.

Training: We run regular ‘Software Discovery Workshops’, allowing teaching staff the opportunity to explore new trends and developments in Computing.  These sessions keep Woodcroft staff up-to-date with an area of the curriculum that has seen very significant changes of late.

Leadership: Our Computing Leader has just completed the NAACE Primary Subject Leader in Computing course, and continues his commitment to staying abreast of all the latest developments in Computing.

INSETs: Staff are kept informed of the latest developments through an extensive program of training on staff training days.


Useful Documents: 

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