Woodcroft Weekly Issue 457

Below is the link to Issue 457 of our weekly news; the final newsletter of what has been an eventful year! It was even an eventful week; starting with those extreme temperatures and finishing with some emotional goodbyes to our fabulous Year 6. We also bid a fond farewell to some very special members of staff; Mrs Clark, Mrs Powell, Miss Jackson, Mrs Seth-Smith and Miss Abdulrahman.

On behalf of myself and all of the staff I would like to thank our community for the support and understanding they have shown over the year. It has been challenging at times due to ongoing absences with COVID, but we have endeavoured to make sure that this has never impacted on our pupils education. At Woodcroft we work tirelessly to provide an outstanding curriculum, the best teaching, and exemplary behaviour from all our pupils.

Thank you also for the amazing array of gifts and cards that we all received on the final day. I do not think I have ever seen teachers carrying out so many bags of presents at the end of a term. Your generosity was very much appreciated.

We now hope you all have a great summer, and look forward to seeing you again on Monday September 5th. If you are moving on from our Woodcroft community can I wish you the very best for the future. And finally, to all of our departing Year 6 pupils – have a great time at secondary school!

Woodcroft Issue 457 https://bit.ly/3BaZLvj