Art Week 2020 – STEM to STEAM

Art Week Virtual Gallery

Woodcroft enjoyed another fantastic Art Week! This term’s theme was STEM to STE[+a]M where we celebrated visual art using science and technology as inspiration. Each year group had a focus artist who they researched and Art techniques which  were learnt and developed. Artwork inspired by their focus artist was produced throughout the school. Each class has created a display of their amazing work, and in the Gallery Corridor, showcased their project in one of the frames. Because visits are restricted on site we have created this as a virtual gallery for you. We can all agree the pupils have done a wonderful job and that it has been another successful Art Week at Woodcroft!

Why not take a virtual walk down our Gallery Corridor? Click on an image to begin the slideshow…

Now find out a bit more about our projects …

EYFS – Nursery 
Nursery learnt about light. Following this they sculpted their own Diwali clay Diwas out of clay.
(*Note: Nursery gallery photo to follow)

EYFS – Reception
Reception created pieces inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. They looked at his sculpting techniques and discussed what natural materials were. They used a range of natural materials to create their own sculptures.
Year 1
Year 1 explored colour theory and mixing to inspire their art work. They completed some science experiments showing how colours change when they are mixed together. Their focus artist was Wassily Kandinsky. Year 1 created their own version of his ‘Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles’ using the colour theory and mixing techniques they had explored during their Science experiments.

Year 2
 Year 2 explored the work of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali. They used their Science topic, About Animals to inspire them to create their own versions of Salvador Dali’s ‘The Elephants’. Year 2 chose their own animals to create their own interpretations of the piece.
Year 3
Using their Science topic of Rocks and Soils, Year 3 were inspired by the artist and paleontologist Mary Anning. Her detailed drawings of fossils and skeletons inspired Year 3 to create their own images of fossils and skeletons using printing techniques.
Year 4
Year 4 focused on developing their sketching skills through looking at the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci was known for his engineering skill and designed many different inventions throughout his life. Inspired by this, Year 4 designed and sketched their very own inventions using similar techniques to Leonardo Da Vinci.
Year 5
Focusing on the Maths element of STEM to STE[a]M, Year 5 created tessellations. They were inspired by the Dutch artist M.C.Escher. Year 5 looked carefully at the repetition of patterns, measurements and shapes used. In order to create successful tessellations they had to get all of these different  mathematical elements correct!
Year 6
Year 6 focused on the skill of etching, inspired by the artist Susan Aldworth. Susan Aldworth is known for creating artworks influenced by neurological scans. She studies the brain and the way the brain works, then uses the images she sees from scans and the techniques of etching to create her artist interpretation. Year 6 created their very own etchings inspired by the work of Susan Aldworth,  the brain and human body.