Woodcroft Weekly Issue 480

In Issue 480 we formally launch our new online uniform shop with Mapac. We look back at last week’s outstanding Dance Festival performance by Woodcroft, remind everyone to sign up for Parent/Carer Consultations and look forward to Ramadan starting next week.

All of this, and much more, is in Woodcroft Weekly Issue 480. Download you own full colour PDF by clicking here.

Woodcroft Weekly News Issue 479

This week’s newsletter is packed with essential information about upcoming events and activities! Next week is going to be unusual as we have two possible strike days followed by a colorful Comic Relief Red Nose Day.

To always be up to speed with everything going on in school make sure your read down load your copy of Woodcroft Weekly Issue 479

Woodcroft Weekly Issue 478

It was Book Week at Woodcroft and we have all been busy reading. Find out what we have been up to , from Nursery to Year 6, in Issue 478. Download your PDF copy right here … bit.ly/3ZzXUZL

Book Week at Woodcroft

This week was Book Week at Woodcroft. Every year we have a week-long celebration of reading that coincides with World Book Day. We select a focus text that is then studied by the whole school. This year it was ‘The Secret Garden’ by Francis Hodgson Burnett.

The week began for KS1 and KS2 with a wonderful, live performance of ’The Secret Garden’ by our friends at M&M Theatre. Year 6 also enjoyed a stagecraft workshop as part of their Arts Award qualification.

We also created our very own Woodcroft Secret Garden in the foyer, and pupils had a special book study project to carry out.

Book Week was also the official launch of our new reading curriculum called ‘The Reading Rainbow’. The Reading Rainbow helps children develop rich language and knowledge about books. 

Woodcroft Weekly Issue 477

We have lots of important information in this week’s newsletter.
Firstly, I have to inform you of the likely closure of school next Thursday as a result of the industrial action. Issue 477 goes over the detailed arrangements including the option to book a family lunch on Thursday.
Next week is also Book Week! Read all about our focus text, The Secret Garden, including Monday’s theatre performance of this classic story.
We feel that Book Week is the ideal opportunity to launch our fantastic, new reading curriculum – The Reading Rainbow!  Take a look at the display in our foyer, or check out the English curriculum pages on our website, if you want to find out more.
We are NOT dressing up on World Book Day next week. However, in the diary section of issue 477, you can find out about our plans for Red Nose Day!
Now download your own copy of Woodcroft Weekly Issue 477: https://bit.ly/3KDCM0z

Woodcroft Weekly Issue 476

Woodcroft Weekly Issue 476 can now be downloaded via this link: https://bit.ly/3Yr3DB1
Read about our online safety work and activities supporting both Schools’ Football Week and Children’s Mental Health Week. All are national initiatives that took place this week.
We have also identified a new supplier for our school uniform following the surprise announcement that Essential Schoolwear had ceased trading.
Read about all of this, and more, in Woodcroft Weekly Issue 476.
Have a good half term week. We will see you all again when pupils return to school on Monday 20th February.

Woodcroft Weekly – Issue 475

We are looking ahead to next week in today’s newsletter. We have got Children’s Mental Health Week coming up, and we will be following a ‘Take 5’ approach to maintaining our wellbeing in school.

Download you PDF copy and read about our plans in Woodcroft Weekly Issue 475

Woodcroft Weekly – Issue 474

Take a look at this week’s Woodcroft Weekly News by downloading your full PDF copy of …. ISSUE 474 Newsletter


Woodcroft Primary School will be closed to pupils on Wednesday 1st February 2023 as a result of industrial action by the NEU (National Education Union). Parents and carers were notified by the Headteacher on Wednesday 26th January. More information will follow in Friday’s Woodcroft Weekly newsletter.