Extreme Heat Update

Re: Extreme Heat Update 16/7/22

Dear Parents and Carers

Firstly, can I apologise for the lack of a newsletter yesterday (Friday 15/7/22). It has been such a busy week in school with events, activities and meetings that I just ran out of time to get it published. What I shall do is send out a final newsletter for the year on Wednesday next week (hopefully).

Secondly, I know you are all concerned about the heat! Currently we are planning to open as normal on Monday and Tuesday. The latest guidance from Barnet Local Authority and the Government’s Department for Education is not to close. All of our classrooms are well ventilated and chilled water coolers are available throughout the school. Please note, we shall not be going outside for any extended periods or doing PE or games activities on Monday or Tuesday. We will of course monitor the situation and if the guidance changes then we will take appropriate action and notify you accordingly.

Please consider the following points:

  1. Ensure children have a refillable (non-disposable) water bottle in school
  2. Apply sunscreen
  3. Do not send children with jumpers, and provide a sun hat
  4. The UK Health Agency ‘Beat The Heat’ poster is available by clicking here

Finally, if your child is unwell, or suffering from any breathing discomfort over the weekend, it may be advisable to keep your child at home on Monday and Tuesday. We shall authorise all absences where a parent has decided that it is unsafe to send their child to school due to the extreme heat.

Take care everyone.

Kindest Regards

Craig Tallon (Head Teacher)