Family Links Course for Parents

New Course For Parents at Woodcroft available on Wednesdays

Woodcroft will be hosting a fantastic new FREE course for parents starting on 17th January. It will be provided by Barnet’s Family Resilience Team every Wednesday morning for 10 weeks. FREE Creche facilities will also be available.

If you are not working on Wednesdays and are free to attend please sign up by Friday 12th January. For more information enquire at the school office or speak with Ms Anna if you use the Foundation Stage entrance.

Refreshments are provided and certificates are to be awarded at the end of the course.

FAMILY LINKS Information         

For parents of children aged 2-11 years. The focus is on looking after yourself as a parent and to help understand your own and your child’s emotional needs. The purpose is to help good communication within the family.  Areas covered: family rules, behaviour management, understanding and managing feelings, nurturing ourselves, child development and problem solving.