Futuristic Art Week

The stimulus for our Spring Term Art Week was British Science Week’s theme of ‘Innovating for the Future’. During the week, pupils learnt about an artist, practised new skills and worked toward a final project.

We have created a virtual walk down the ‘Gallery Corridor’ and added a few extra photos from some of the displays around the school …

Each Year Group researched the work of a famous artist for their inspiration …

Class Genre / Media Artist / Designer
Nursery Bottle Top Recycling Project Michelle Stitzlein
Reception Magnetic Robot / Space Pictures Brian Mock (Robot sculptures)
Y1 Space Race Collage / Mixed Media Robert Rauschenberg
Y2 Futuristic Car Design / Painting Luigi Russolo
Y3 Looking After Our Future / Recycled Sculpting Leo Seawell
Y4 Space Painting Lucien Rudaux
Y5 Futuristic Classics Collage/Painting Leonardo da Vinci /Edvard Munch /Johanes Vermeer
Y6 Cyborgs Sci-Fi /Graphic art Osamu Tezuka