Ofsted Report

Woodcroft was visited by the Ofsted inspectors on 1st May. We have now received our excellent report confirming what a good school we are.  A  copy of the report can be obtained from the school office or downloaded as a PDF from the link below:

Woodcroft Ofsted Inspection Report 1/5/2024

The inspection process was extremely positive. Here are just a few of the highlights from the report:

“Pupils take their learning seriously at this vibrant and welcoming school”

“The school is ambitious for all pupils, including those with special educational needs”

“Pupils listen attentively in lessons … behave very well … (and) gain the confidence they need to talk about their work and share their ideas” 

“The school has established a well sequenced, broad and ambitious curriculum (that) sets out, with absolute clarity, what the important knowledge is for each unit”

“Teachers are skilled in presenting new information clearly”

“In the early years, leaders have considered children’s varied starting points when designing the curriculum.”

“Reading is a priority across the school”

“The personal development programme is underpinned by the school’s strong values”

“The school is ambitious for pupils’ social and cultural development”

“Staff are proud to work at the school”

You can also visit the Ofsted reports page here …


We are pleased that the only action identified by the inspectors has already been addressed and that phonics and reading across the school has now been recognised as a strength.