School Organisation for September 2021

Woodcroft Organisation for September

We have now begin to finalise planning following the most recent  Government Guidance. Arrangements will be very similar to those that were put in place in September which aimed to:

  • Ensure pupils, parents and staff are as safe as possible
  • Enable the school maintain the highest standards of COVID security 
  • Maintain a continuity of learning
  • Support everyone’s well-being 

This will be achieved by:

  • Avoiding whole school groupings
  • Matining staggered uses of playground and hall space
  • Retaining year group based staffing structures that will enable flexible and seamless adoption of tighter restriction if required
  • Providing every year group will have a nominated senior teacher to provide integrated support and inbuilt cover release 

School Timetable

Staggered entry 8.30am – 8.55am 

Pupils can arrive at school between 8.30am and 8.55am and go directly into class. Families will continue to follow the current one way system for drop off.

Lessons will start at 8.55am

Early activities will be set by teachers form 8.30am. Please ensure you are on time. We advise that pupils are in school by 8.45am at the latest to benefit from early work support from teachers.


Pupils will have staggered break times within their year groups. They will not mix with other pupils.


Children will have staggered lunchtimes within their year groups and will not mix on the playground with other pupils.


Lessons will finish at 3.15pm. Children who walk home from school will be dismissed at 3.10pm. Parents will be able to collect children between from 3.15pm. We have a marked queuing area at the front and back of school.

We will continue to operate our one way system. Please watch the video here if you need a reminder:

Masks Optional

The wearing of masks  is now optional on school premises. Mask are available free of charge at school entrances.

The Woodcroft Learning Continuity Plan 

We expect that there might be times when individuals, classes or even the whole school is asked to self-isolate. To overcome further disruption to learning we continue to adopt our Learning Continuity Plan.

What to expect online:

  • Weekly learning schedules published online in the class Google Classroom 
  • Daily activities and lessons published via Google Classroom
  • Termly topics and resources published online on the Treehouse. This will include essential knowledge, vocabulary lists, writing checklists, spellings, stories and videos

Other Important Information


We will be wearing full uniform. School shoes should now be worn on non PE Days.

*the relaxation of this policy finished at the end of the summer term. Black school shoes should again be worn as part of the school uniform.


Our coaches will continue to provide 1 hour of PE per class. This will be mainly outside or in the main hall.  A second scheduled hour of PE will be implemented later in the term.

Pupils wear their blue PE uniform on PE days.

Library Organisation

Classes will begin to visit the Library from 4th October 2021

Breakfast Club

8.00am Breakfast Club will be available at a cost of £1.50 per day. Please register and book via the school office. Children will be seated within year group areas to maintain their bubbles.

Acorns After School Club

Acorns After School club will be open and continue to run a slightly restricted service from 3.15pm to 5.30pm.  

Extra Curricular Clubs

We are to planning restart extra curricular clubs during the autumn term pending further risk assessment after re-opening.

Other Things to Remember:

  • The office window will remain closed. Please email or call 
  • Every child needs their own personal water bottle. They will take it home every day to wash and refill. All water fountains are turned off for safety reasons. We will not be able to supply water bottles if they forget to bring them.
  • Remember to provide your child with a personal pencil case to leave in school. See  Newsletter Issue 420 for a list of suitable items to include.

Reporting Illness

If children exhibit any symptoms of COVID19 we request that they are kept home from school in line with Government guidelines.

Please inform the office immediately so that we can take any appropriate action to maintain everyone’s safety.

Covid Contingency Plan Summary

Please read COVID Contingency Plan Summary. View the image below or download a PDF here










School Risk Assessment and COVID19 Response Strategy

Staff and governors are currently carrying out a out a series of risk assessments and associated planning based on the latest guidance to ensure the school’s safe opening on 6th September.

These documents will be shared shared below in due course:


If you have any questions or would like to comment on the above plans please email: