Woodcroft Online – Weekly News 3

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This week lots of you have continued to do some fantastic work on Google Classroom. In our weekly news video Mr Tallon introduces our online stars of the week and also finds some staff secretly practising for their WOW Factor entries!

Go Green!

Pupils are graded green, amber or red on our online tracking. Green means they are online most days and are keeping up with their assignments. Last week 302 pupils were graded green, that is an amazing 72%!

A further 104 pupils (25%) were recorded as amber. This mean they were online some of the time, but could do better.

Unfortunately, 12 pupils did not fully engage online (or contacted their teacher or the school to explain) and remained red! This then becomes a concern, not only about a pupil’s ongoing learning, but also about child safety. If someone doesn’t turn up for regular school we have to take action, and the same applies online. In these cases the school has to make welfare calls, carry out home visits or refer families to the Educational Welfare Service and file a missing education report.

*Online work for Nursery pupils is optional, but we encourage families to go online to their child’s Google Classroom together.

Every week the number of pupils who have gone green has increased! Well done and keep up the fantastic work at home.